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Brian Setzer and the Tom Cats

Brian Setzer had a rockabilly band with his younger brother Gary Setzer on drums and Bob Beecher on bass. This band was called Brian and the Tomcats. All three of them together with Ken Kinnally also formed the band Bloodless Pharaohs. At first George Ellert was on bass, but he left and Bob Beecher replaced him. The music was more new-wave oriented or, as Ken Kinnally called it, "art rock".
Brian Setzer decided he wanted to go more the rockabilly way. Bob Beecher and Gary Setzer stayed with the Bloodless Pharaohs.
Brian Setzer teamed up with Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom, who were already rehearsing bass and drums and writing songs together. They were all at the same high school although Brian was one year up.


Stray Cats name

In the USA Brian, Lee and Slim Jim played as Brian and the Tom Cats. But they also used other names like just The Tomcats, the Teds and The Wildcats. They used different names to make sure they got more gigs. Club owners didn't want the same band too much. So they used different names to mislead club owners in believing they booked a different band.
According to the book My Life As A Rockabilly Rebel by Slim Jim, they were asked in England what the name of the band was and decided they needed a different name. Apparently Lee came up with the name Stray Cats.
Quote from the aforementioned book: We were cats like Elvis, we had nowhere to live - the logic was undeniable.

Stray Cats Logo

The first logo

The first logo was designed by Bruno Blum. Brian, Lee and Slim Jim stayed with him on their first trip to the UK in a squatted house. After they took on the name Stray Cats (see above) they needed a logo for a photo session on the bass drum. Bruno Blum, being a designer and maker of cartoons, designed it for them and painted it on the drums.

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The main logo

In 2007 this story about the logo was posted on the official Stray Cats website:"Slim Jim Phantom's first tattoo in 1980 was the Teddy Boy Stray Cat which he has on his left forearm.
Slim Jim and Brian Setzer went the same day to tattoo artist Bob Roberts, and between them they drew up the cat's head design. Brian had just the head tattooed on his upperarm but Jim wanted a whole body. The cat's head design became the official logo of the Stray Cats."

So the tattoos were already there before they went to the UK. At the backside of their first single "Runaway Boys" you can see Slim Jims' forearm with the tattoo on it.
So actually this logo was already there when they came to the UK. It was later decided to continue with this logo instead of the Bruno Blum logo.


The arms on the Runaway Boys single

On the backside of the first single we can see three arms. The arm on the left is easily recognized by the full cat head body; it belongs to Slim Jim Phantom. The arm is the middle is also easily recognized and belongs to Brian Setzer.
Lee Rocker doesn't have any tattoos so the third arm can't be his. The third arm belongs to Tony Bidgood the first manager of the Stray Cats.