Other works

The page which lists other works on which the Stray Cats can be heard or seen, like backing band, performance in movies etc.
It has to be an official release and that release should be the first where the song(s) can be heard or where the Stray Cats can be seen and or heard.
They will be listed according to date of release.
If you know of anymore please mail the_anchorman@arrp.nl


1984: Sixteen Candles

LabelNumberTypeBar CodeYearCountryIAC
MCA RecordsMCA 3601212 inch vinyl 0 7674 16012 1 1984U.S.A.Yes

This is the original soundtrack of the movie starring Mollie Ringwald. The Stray Cats perform Sixteen Candles.
The soundtrack was never released on CD, but the song can also be found on various (bootleg) compilations.

1. Stray Cats - Sixteen Candles
2. Annie Golden - Hang Up The Phone
3. Ira and the Geeks - Geek Boogie
4. Patti Smith - Gloria
5. Thompson Twins - If You Were Here

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Sixteen Candles front cover Sixteen Candles back cover


1984: Johnny Hallyday - Hallyday 84

LabelNumberTypeBar CodeYearCountryIAC
Philips Records818 644-12 X 12 inch vinyl 1984FranceYes

The famous French singer recorded this album in Nashville. Among the guest artists are Carl Perkins and the Stray Cats. The album was first released (in February) as a box set containing 2 records. These records were later (in March) individually sold. The Straycats are on:

. That's Alright Mama
. Johnnie B. Goode (Brian Setzer, Carl Perkins and Johnny Hallyday sing in turns)

The album was later re-released on vinyl and also on CD.
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Johnny Hally day Hallyday 84 front cover 'Johnny Hally day Hallyday 84 back cover


1990: Shelley Duvall's Rock 'n' Rhyme

LabelNumberTypeBar CodeYearCountryIAC
Video TreasuresVHS 1990U.S.A.Yes

The Stray Cats perform Nine Lives dressed up as cats in this Shelly Duvall movie. There are many bands and musicians in this colorful movie.

The movie was never released on DVD, but you can watch it on youtube:
Shelley Duvall's Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1998 Lyrick Studios VHS Rip)
At around 1:08:43 you can see the Stray Cats

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Rock 'n' Rhyme front cover


1992: East Coast Rock

LabelNumberTypeBar CodeYearCountryIAC
Castle CommunicationsCD5 017615 932423 1992U.K.Yes

At first glance this may look like any ordinary compilation. But the version of Rock This Town which is on this CD is very much different than the regular version. It is an outtake form their first studio recording.
Very interesting to hear.

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East Coast Rock front cover East Coast Rock back cover


1989: Les Paul - He Changed The Music

LabelNumberTypeBar CodeYearCountryIAC
Falcon Neue Medien20004DVD4013659200048 2004GermanyYes
Video ArtsVAL-3100 / VALZ-205912 inch Laserdisc4988112301009 1989JapanNo
HBO Video?VHS026359033339 1989U.S.A.No

A musical tribute from 18 August 1988 at Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York with and for Les Paul.
The developer of the solidbody electric guitar and inventor of multi-track recording.
The Stray Cats perform Blue Suede Shoes.
At the end of the song Brian invites Les Paul, Eddie van Halen, B.B. King and the other performers back on stage.

1 Les Paul - How High The Moon
2 Les Paul - Lover
3 Eddie Van Halen - Echo Tribune
4 Eddie Van Halen - Back Pain Boogie
5 David Gilmour - Deep In The Blues
6 Carly Simon - It Happens
7 B.B. King - Everyday I Have The Blues
8 Stanley Jordan - Georgia On My Mind
9 Steve Miller - God Bless The Child
10 Rita Coolidge - Am I Blue?
11 The Les Paul Trio - Over The Rainbow
12 The Les Paul Trio - It's Been A Long Time
13 Waylon Jennings - I Really Don't Want To Know
14 Stray Cats - Blue Suede Shoes
15 Les Paul - How High The Moon

The show was broadcasted by HBO television and was released as laserdisc in 1989 in Japan and on VHS in the U.S.A.
The Laserdisc version was labeled The Super Session IX.
In 2004 it was re-released as DVD by Falcon Neue Medien

The whole show can also be seen on Youtube.
For the video on Youtube follow this link: Les Paul - He Changed The Music 1988 [LPCM Audio]
The Stray Cats begin at 49:12.

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Les Paul front cover Les Paul back cover

Les Paul LD front cover Les Paul LD back cover

Les Paul VHS front cover Les Paul VHS back cover


2013: '83 US Festival

LabelNumberTypeBar CodeYearCountryIAC
Mvd VisualMVD 59469DVD7 60137 59469 7 2013U.S.A.Yes

This DVD is a registration of the original 3 days of the famous US Festival in 1983. You can hear a small interview with Brian Setzer when you see the Stray Cats walking on the US festival. It has two songs from the Stray Cats. Before and between the songs Mark Goodman (former MTV vj) talks about the Stray Cats.
This is the only official DVD release, which sadly only has these two songs.

1. Double Talkin' Baby
2. Rock This Town

Other artists and songs please see the backcover.

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'83 US Festival front cover '83 US Festival back cover


2013: The best of Fridays

LabelNumberTypeBar CodeYearCountryIAC
Shout FactorySF 14141DVD8 26663 14141 22013U.S.A.Yes

This 2013 DVD is a selection of the best episodes from the famous Fridays tv show. The tv show where the Stray Cats first appeared on American television on 16 October 1981.

On disc 4 of this 5-disc DVD set there is episode 41 which features the Stray Cats. Unfortunately it has only 2 of the 4 songs they performed:
1. Stray Cat Strut
2. Rock This Town

However it is in very good quality.

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Fridays front cover